The Light-Effects


Almost any typical light effect for model-railways can be adjusted. The following effects are included:

incandescent lamp simple switching-on and -off of one output.
neon lamp irregular flashing during switching-on.
house light coincidental delay of switching for some seconds despite of same adjustment of switching-time e.g. the illumination of all houses of one street will be switched-on or -off at different times.
flashing light on- and off-switching time of equal duration.
light chain consists always of 4 outputs which will be switched-on in succession for an adjustable time.
dimmed light regulates an incandescent lamp within a few seconds up to full brightness and vice versa.
function as normal incandescent lamp but with different color of the light-spot; marking of operation models such as windturbine etc.
operation light for action vehicles; every light and each start with coincidental selected flashing time simulates the motor drive at different speed.
operation flashlight front flashlight for action vehicles.
flashlight photo-flashlight; break-time will be coincidental controlled.
building site uses always 5 outputs; the switched-on time is very short and simulates flashlights; after each sequence there will be a short pause.
welding arc coincidental controlled flickering of a welding process; coincidental duration with irregular flickering and coincidental pause.
fire simulation of an open fire.
gas street lamp at first some flickering then low brightness followed by dimming-up to full brightness; followed by irregular short interruptions.
gas compression street lamp simulation of modern gas street lamps; produces at first flickering then a longer time dimmed and then full brightness.
flood light needs about half a second for persistence during on- and off-switching.
random switching-on and -off by random control with adjustable minimum and maximum pauses.
auto flashing light produces typical flashing frequencies for direction indicator of motor cars.
Railroad overpass  Simulate the signal light at a railroad overpass.
traffic light simple pedestrian traffic light; produces all phases with exemplary pauses with "demand" adjustment.
traffic light sleep pedestrian traffic light; produces all phases with exemplary pauses with "demand" adjustment and sleep mode.
traffic light cross road for cross roads and intersections; including pedestrian- and night circuit.
signal post  one output each for the control of LED or incandescent lamps at red, yellow and green will produce light effects as on a control desk of a signal post.
television set three outputs for red, green and blue produces coincidental and permanent changing of colors on a TV-set.
radio tower flashing effect used for marking radio- and TV-towers, chimneys and other high buildings.
Schornstein Wie Funkturm, jedoch andere Blinkfolge
Thunderstorm Flickers for approximately one second like thunderstorm lightning.
Fireworks 1 Two exits produce flashing effects as with fireworks
Fireworks 2 Like 1, but with another effect sequence
Fireworks 3 Like 1, but with another effect sequence

Animation show examples. Genuine sequences depend on options and countries.

At a later time there will be additional options available to cover various effects such as lights at a fair ground and illuminated advertizing signs.

click here for information about remote control of the light effects

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