The Light Modules


To enable Light@Night to control light emitting diodes and incandescent lamps there are so called Light-Displays required.

Every Light-Display contains 40 individual controlled outputs. Each ouput can cover a load of up to 500mA by a maximum possible total load of 3 Ampere for each module. Each Light-Display module shall get the current supply separate by a customary 12V halogen transformer or a 16V model railway transformer with a capacity of 52VA. Up to 4 Light-Display modules can be connected to each other directly via a pin bar and socket. This will add up to a availabitlity of 160 controlled ouputs.

The communication between PC and Light-Display module will be carried out via the parallel interface port of the PC. For this connection is a Light-Interface module required.

Two Light-Display modules connected to the Light-Interface

The hardware starter-kit contains one Light-Display, one Light-Interface and one connection cable.

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